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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are very excited to welcome you to the first World Congress on Lipedema in Potsdam, Germany from October 5-7, 2023, and are counting on you to share your latest knowledge, experiences, and ideas. Our common goal is to benefit from first-hand, high-class education, network, and learn from world-renowned experts about the latest science and best practices in the management of lipedema.

This Lipedema World Congress is designed to bring together a broad spectrum of healthcare professionals, including lymphologists, plastic surgeons, angiologists, phlebologists, nutritionists, dermatologists, physical therapists, bariatric and metabolic specialists, and radiologists as well as representatives of patient associations from around the world to share experiences and expertise on an international high class level and to reflect on how best to incorporate these insights into education and clinical practice.

Gather with your peers from across the globe to learn the latest science and best practices in treating lipedema. Network with medical practitioners from each continent to broaden your perspective on this disease and improve your practice through an international exchange of ideas.

The program includes:

  • Update on basic science on lipedema
  • Modern diagnostic methods for lipedema
  • Conservative treatment of lipedema
  • Nutrition in lipedema
  • Surgical treatment of lipedema
  • Psychological aspects in lipedema
  • Comorbidities of lipedema
  • Miscellaneous

Potsdam, the city of famous architects and regents, will fascinate you with its rich culture, parks and history in a magnificent dimension – right at the gates of the German capital Berlin. The city is known worldwide especially for its historical heritage as the residence of the German emperors.
Join us for three exciting days of sharing the dynamics and engagement of the global science community and moving forward together.

We look forward to welcoming you to Potsdam in October 2023.



Oktober 5 ( Donnerstag) - 7 (Samstag)(GMT+00:00)

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